IPNU/IPPNU of Afkaaruna Secondary-Ma'had Hosted Fun Learning Activities for Santri TPQ Al Muhtadin Banguntapan


Afkaaruna Secondary-Ma'had received a special guest, 22 santri aged 9-15  from TPQ of Masjid Al Muhtadin, Plumbon, Banguntapan, Bantul on Sunday (12/02/2023).  IPNU and IPPNU managed the event by leading games and facilitating a discussion session where all santri could mingle and learn again about the importance of honesty and seeking knowledge. They also learn about being "ewuh" and serving guests in the best way possible, honoring them like how our Prophet ﷺ gave examples to us.

It is the first event hosted by the newly assigned IPNU/IPPNU board that involved external participants, since they were selected on November last year. Despite the short heavy rain and wind, everyone had fun, Alhamdulillāh. Good job for santri IPNU and IPPNU, and thank you for coming, santri of TPQ Al Muhtadin! (wd/ab).

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