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  1. Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian is taught as part of the Bahasa Indonesia subject and focuses on allowing students to convey information and express ideas properly, appropriately and effectively. It is also intended to prepare students for Ujian Nasional (the Indonesian National Examinations) as well as to improve students’ pride in their national identity.

  1. Arabic

This language is taught in Arabic class and aims to improve children’s ability to communicate (al-muhadatsah al-yaumiyyah) and to read the classical books (qiraah al-kutub). By joining this program, students are expected to be better prepared to understand Qur’an and other Islamic literature which is mostly written in Arabic.

  1. English

In addition to its function as a mode of communication at madrasa, English is also used in all subjects apart from Bahasa Indonesia and Arabic.

  1. Javanese

Javanese is used as mode of communication among madrasa members one day in a week.