Afkaaruna Kindy


Afkaaruna Kindy is an educational institution under Abdul Djalil Sibaweh foundation. The madrasa has been built to follow the concept of aligning three pillars: Islam, local values and international-mindedness. Having the emphasis on these three pillars, the madrasa provides positive stimulation through creative and child-friendly learning activities. The madrasa aims for students to develop intellectual curiosity (Muhibbul “Ilmi) as well as vibrant and innovative approaches for living, this will be tied into Islamic values and learning process as students learn to uphold both local and international values.


  1. We use fun, comprehensive and challenging teaching methods.
  2. We adapt to children’s needs by teaching different subjects through a range of teaching strategies.
  3. We focus on experiential-based learning to allow students to understand the material they are studying.
  4. We invite members of the community to speak with students as part of our “Inspiration Class”.
  5. We go on excursions in our local area providing opportunities to learn from our community.