Afkaaruna Integrated Education System [AfIES]

A. Excellent Islamic Studies (al-Dirasah al-Islamiyyah)

“The believers were destroyed by their inability in Arabic”

[Hasan al-Basri]

To achieve excellent Islamic studies, our curriculum  covers three elements:

  1. Curriculum of Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) that includes Qur’an and HaditsAqidah and AkhlaqFiqh and Islamic History and Culture.
  2. Hifdzul Qur’an (Qur’anic memorization and al-Kitabah al-Arabiyyah).
  3. Pesantren (an Indonesian-style of Islamic boarding house) contents aiming at the ability to read classical Islamic books (Qiraah al-Kutub) and Arabic conversation (al-Muhadatsah al-Yaumiyyah).

B. World Class Curriculum and Certifications

Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary are essential stages in a child’s education and Afkaaruna Islamic School helps students to have strong desire of learning (Muhibbul ‘Ilmi). For this purpose, the madrasa offers a wide range of activities for students to discover their interests and optimize their potentials.

Afkaaruna Preschool adopts Montessori Curriculum, Afkaaruna Kindy adopts IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and Afkaaruna Primary adopts Cambridge Standard to provide a strong basis and make students feel confident, self-directed and learning actively. In addition, Cambridge also has the potential of being flexible as it is combined with the Indonesian 2013 curriculum. Afkaaruna Primary uses Cambridge Curriculum for those subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. and they sit for the Cambridge Examinations at Primary 6 (P-Six).

C. National Curriculum

In addition to IPC for Afkaaruna Kindy and Cambridge Standard for Afkaaruna Primary, Afkaaruna Islamic School adopts the 2013 National Curriculum. The curriculum is designed and implemented to maintain students’ competencies and ignite students’ eagerness for inquiries.

In Primary 6 (P-Six), the final year of Afkaaruna Primary, all students will sit for the National Examination (UN/Ujian Nasional) organized by Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. This examination is a compulsory and we will make sure that all students are ready to participate in it. Therefore, we will intensively start the UN preparation at Primary 4 (P-Four) to Primary 6 (P-Six).

D. Afkaaruna Learning Pack [ALP]

   1, ALP Al-Dirasah Al-Islamiyyah (ALP Diris)

ALP Diris is conducted every morning. These activities are the first learning pack for students aiming for building Islamic habits and improving students’ capabilities in reading Qur’an, Arabic literacy, & memorizing surah and Du’a. ALP Diris also consist of knowledge and practices of al-Ibadah al-Yaumiyah such as Shalat FardhuShalat SunnahShalat bil-Jamaah, Dzikir, Daily D’ua, Infaq, etc.

    2. ALP English (Story Based Learning & Pronunciation)

Not only it is conducted in 30 minutes practice session every day, but ALP English will also function as a learning subject with two meetings in a week. It is served as a basic and extension of students’ English skills.

E. Extensive Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) & Competition

    1. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

The co-curricular activities are considered as an integral part of learning. It is specifically designed to develop students’ characters and help students to maintain their passions and talents. For this, Afkaaruna Islamic School offers wide range of CCA including arts (crafting, painting, and drawing), music (hadrah, traditional and modern music), sports (pencak silat martial arts), scouts, dance and drama, movie screening and appreciation. Indeed, all students are required to participate in CCA.

     2. Competitions

In Afkaaruna Islamic School, students are encouraged to participate several competitions held by either the madrasa or other parties. In anticipating the competition, students are intensively trained to prepare them to participate. Winning the competition is a bonus, but having a high confident and sportive character is tremendously essential.

F. Structured Character Building Program

The character building program is designed to prepare each child in accordance with his/her development emotionally and physically. The program is also divided into operable parts called as below:

1. Characters & Soft Skills Development

2. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

3. Leadership and Humanitarian Program

4. Creativity and Entrepreneurship

G. Special Programs

1. Character Building Camp (Ramadhan Camp, Semester-Break Camp & Social Projects)

Character Building Camp is specially designed to develop students’ characters such as independence, cooperation and persistence. For Kindergarten students, the camp is once a year (Ramadhan Camp). For Primary students, the camp is regularly held once a semester (semester-break camp) and on special occasion (Ramadhan Camp) and are designed to meet students’ age and year of studentship. The learning journey can be seen in the following table:


2. GEMS (Great Exploration for Math and Science)

In Afkaaruna Primary, GEMS which is developed by University of California Berkeley is aimed at promoting life-long love of learning of Mathematics and Science. The instructional materials that emphasize on experiments and problem solving allow students to comprehensively understand contents and concepts.

3. Learning from and/or within Community

Located in the midst of community and surrounded by farms, Afkaaruna Islamic School allows its students to directly interact with people. Students are expected to understand and practice local values such as tepa selira (respect) and gotong royong (cooperation among community members).

4. Extension and Remedial Programs

Every Afkaaruna Primary student is encouraged to elaborate their talent and interest to the optimal point. We try to map their ability and give the treatment based on their needs. For instance, students who has interest and ability in particular subjects will be assisted to comprehend in those area, while other students can join regular “remedial” program to maximize learning opportunities.