Pendidikan dan pengajaran di dalam Republik Indonesia harus berdasarkan kebudayaan dan kemasyarakatan bangsa Indonesia, menuju ke arah kebahagiaan batin serta keselamatan hidup lahir (Ki Hajar Dewantara)


“Preparing students to become al-insaan al-kaamil and locally rooted global citizens.”

Our Core Values

Afkaaruna Islamic School has been built to follow the concept of aligning three values: Islam, local values and international mindedness.

Afkaaruna Islamic School is an educational institution under Abdul Djalil Sibaweh foundation. The madrasa has been built to follow the concept of aligning three pillars: Islam, local values and international-mindedness. Having the emphasis on these three pillars, the madrasa provides positive stimulation through creative and child-friendly learning activities. The madrasa aims for students to develop intellectual curiosity (muhibbul ilmi) as well as vibrant and innovative approaches to life, this will be tied into Islamic values and teachings as students learn to uphold both local and international values.

At Afkaaruna Islamic School, management team, staffs, community and parents work closely with educators to ensure learning experiences are consistently creative, stimulating and inspiring for children. We are united and learn from each other to succeed together. Our learning for life program includes philosophy for children and enquiry led learning which is innovative in itself and continually evolving. We also place a lot of emphasis upon children being happy, confident and fulfilled. We do our best to motivate children so they naturally explore and routinely question, cultivating creativity, independence and love of learning.