Our Simultaneous Learning & Living Skills

A.  Learning Skills


We do believe in that one of the most valuable things in education is helping students prepare for lifelong learning. To achieve this goal, Afkaaruna curriculum is designed to assist students to learn, understad, and reinforce concepts by which they have the opportunity to develop and strengthen good study habits and learning strategies through various instructiona methods and strategies.


We design our learning skills curriculum to best meet academic requirements through mini workshop, reading habits program (reading log) and structured home learning project. This design will improve students’ capacity to be self-regulated learners, personal character and motivational in learning.


This skill is mainly developed through Science and Research Project as well as through hidden curriculum in all subjects as a part of our efforts to trigger students ability to raise questions using 5W+1H (5 minutes question time). At the same time, contextual learning is also used in every single subject


With this kind of series of activities, it is expected that students will have the ability to learn independently (read: good learning skills) and have a good creativity. Having good learning skills enables students to be able to plan, organize, report, and evaluate problem and to solve it. This learning skill, in turn, will strongly stimulate creativity.


Different to critical thinking, creativity can be harvested if and only if we are able to generate ideas. Creativity can be built in and within a condusive and safe environment that enables students to think differently, to raise any question and to have independent project. At the end, Afkaaruna Islamic School also stimulates collaboration among them. By collaboration through peer group learning we inculcate some of Afkaaruna characters;  communication and adaptation.


B.   Living Skills


Living skills are a key part of working hours curriculum for all Afkaaruna Islamic School pupils. Careful curriculum planning across the madrasa gives all pupils the opportunity to experience and learn to prepare for real life situations, such as shopping, crossing the road, meal planning or even growing and eating their own food. Furthermore, this is also designated to develop characters including self management, but not limited to, self-belonging management, self care and health, self protection, domestic skills, helping and serving others, use money and transaction, project building, and self traveling. Numeric skills is developed through making mathematics real (read: applied mathematics). Social dan civic awareness is built through scout, social study, and social project. Digital skills is developed through computer science.

At Afkaaruna Islamic School, literacy is another essential part of living skills for the pupils and is developed through several subjects including English, ALP English, and Bahasa Indonesia. The program can be shown below:

Targeted PupilsProgramsImplementationPIC
Preschool StudentsReading bookDaily circle timeRoom leader
 Reading cornerDailyRoom leader and librarian
Kindy StudentsReading bookDaily circle timeRoom leader
 Reading cornerDailyRoom leader and librarian
 Library dayWeeklyRoom leader and librarian
 Story telling  
P-One studentsReading bookDailyRoom leader and librarian
 Reading cornerDailyRoom leader and librarian
 Reading log (Writing book title)DailyRoom leader and librarian
 Story tellingALP English 
P-Two to P-Five studentsReading bookDailyRoom leader and librarian
 Reading corner DailyRoom leader and librarian
  Reading logDailyRoom leader and librarian
  Writing DiaryDailyRoom leader and principal
  Story tellingSpecial Program 
  Spelling BeeSpecial Program