The Culture of Madrasa

In Afkaaruna Islamic School, team management, staffs, community and parents work hand in hand with educators to ensure the learning experiences are consistently creative, stimulating and inspiring for children. We unite and learn from each other to succeed together. Our learning for a life program includes philosophy for children and enquiry-based learning which is innovative in itself and continually evolving. Moreover, we consider that for children to be happy, confident and feel fulfilled are ways more important. We do our best to motivate children so they are able to naturally explore and routinely question, be creative, be independent and love learning.

Afkaaruna Islamic School considers that madrasa and home are inseparable. Parents can take as significant role as educators’ in pupils’ learning. With this in mind, we offer to keep strong partnership and welcome parents to visit us on arranged schedules. The partnership also allows parents to actively engage in “Parents Engagement in Madrasa” (PEM) and other activities such as regular meetings, outbond, cooking competition, etc.

All information about madrasa associated with admission, finance and students’ progress are provided in a one-stop service, namely CRO (Customer Relation Officer). This service is located at the front desk and responsible for receiving any information and/or inquiry coming to madrasa. The officer will follow-up the information, forward to the relevant unit and ensure all incoming information/questions/problems are handled and resolved quickly and properly.